OiOi at the Web Summit: Smart SME creates immersive event experiences

Monday, November 5, 2018 — Dear Journalist,

The Enterprise Europe Network helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) make the most of business opportunities in the EU and beyond.

During this year’s Web Summit, taking place on 5-8 November in Lisbon, the Network will exhibit alongside some of the most innovative SMEs they have supported across Europe. The Finnish company OiOi is one such SME and will be showcasing their cutting-edge technology at the Summit.

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OiOi at the Web Summit: Smart SME creates immersive event experiences

Delivering smart space installations – where people interact with their surroundings – involves more than just technological ingenuity. For Finnish firm OiOi, the key is to listen to client needs and develop a holistic concept that dramatically improves the visitor experience. Guidance from the Enterprise Europe Network has helped the firm win impressive bids from theme parks, museums and now international airports.

The company was formed in 2013 out of a realisation that the ‘smart’ concept was leaving the confines of our smartphones and becoming part of the environment that surrounds us. “We realised that there would soon be a day when we have ‘smart’ walls and public spaces,” says OiOi’s Sales and Marketing Director, Olli Marjalaakso. “We help organisations come up with concepts to make their spaces smarter, using projectors to make any kind of wall – snow, ice, metal or wood - reactive to touch.”

A good example of this is the new Moomin Museum in Tampere (Finland), which opened in June 2017. Most of the digital installations were carried out by OiOi, with the focus very much on providing visitors with an immersive experience in keeping with the famous Moomin cartoon characters. Coffee pots are projected on top of visitors’ heads instead of signposts, and sensors trigger the cartoon characters to guide visitors in the right direction.

Game installations have also been installed at Dudesons’ activity park in the Finnish town of Espoo and the Finnish Science Centre Heureka in Vantaa. A wall of snow and ice installed at Aurora Park allows visitors to trace aurora borealis-like patterns on the wall simply by blowing or touching it.

From the very beginning, OiOi has received guidance from the Enterprise Europe Network. The Network has branches that know the business inside and out, and provide regular information and advice on upcoming events and potential collaborations. “We get the feeling that they are always thinking about how they can help us get our products into other European markets”, says Marjalaakso. “Early on, they helped us to get in contact with English Premier League football clubs for a football simulator we developed.”  

The company which has around 40 clients and saw revenue growth of 27 % last year, is currently working with the Network to expand its concept into museums and airports. “Right now, we are cooperating with Finnish airports, museums, activity parks and science centres to deliver major digital experiences to their customers”, says Marjalaakso. “We are ready to start delivering our services around Europe and the world.”

According to the latest data from the Enterprise Europe Network – based on survey data from businesses using the Network's services in Finland – in the coming year, 71% of SMEs who internationalise expect to increase their turnover, 42% expect to create jobs and 68% expect to increase their market share.

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